Hiloha Homa (Red Thunder) is of the Chahta (Chaktaw) & Siksika (Blackfoot) First Nation Tribes of Turtle Island (North America), and is a spiritual artist and sacred nature communicator and messenger. He works extensively with water medicine, encouraging people to be conscious of the Water. Spending most of his life in Chumash tribal land near Santa Barbara California next to the ocean waters, Hiloha’s culture and medicine is deeply connected to the waters of life, as much of the Chumash ways are informed by water itself. The elders’ extensive wisdom teachings about connecting with and helping the water created a great impact on Hiloha’s life and influence in his artwork — referring often to nature as the Water Mother and that humans are all containers and bodies of water walking the land. His work is informed by the power of Grandmother Water and Earth, sharing knowledge of his path and wisdom passed on to him by his elders in all his spiritual and creative artwork, teachings and guidance. His visual, auditory and alter-sensory arts concepts and expressions are shaped by his many different spiritual influences revolving around his original Turtle Islander heritage. 

Hiloha is a multidimensional spiritual visionary and artist, who’s transcendental artistic expression seeks to harmonize with and capture the organic human progress in tune with the natural flows of the universe not dictated by technology, helping people to see higher spirit worlds & connect with our nature relatives. He works with various sacred media, including sacred nature photography, painting, song & traditional instruments, dance, Hiloha is a traditional wisdom keeper and teacher, traditional fire tender with the elders, water medicine carrier, pow wow singer, dancer. He is also a professional actor in various indigenous documentaries and an inspirational film called “Red Blood”, depicting a guiding ancestor in traditional Choctaw regalia and full body painting.

He creates unique, traditional leather goods with unique attention to color and detail, using wild animal hide, raw pigments, stone, bone and his Grandpa’s old ice pick.

His anasto-mystic photographic meditation expressions mounted on metal depict various land-and-water-reflections intentionally rotated vertically to shift the viewer’s literal perception about what they are seeing into a new transcendental experience. These assist in connecting with embedded sacred patterns and nature spirits residing within the images that speak to the viewer in a soulful way. His artwork is not about visually “looking” as much as a new way of spiritually “seeing” underlining impulses of energy in the images from the amazing properties of water and it’s reflective ability to convey deeper messages if we remain consciously aware and open to them. The artwork inspires higher levels of consciousness in the world and understanding one’s connection to sacred responsibilities of healing and helping Nature and Mother Earth.

He founded and runs “Sedona Native Journeys”, offering personalized sacred guided native tribal journeys on the land, most specifically on the magnificent Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona, which help people reconnect with nature spirits, minerals, rocks, plants, trees and humanity, sharing ancient understandings and teaches about sacred plant medicines and messages from the elders, ancient ones and the land. S.N.J exists to help seekers of healing and spiritual connection to the ancient and contemporary indigenous spiritual experience through the sacred Southwestern Turtle Island(U.S.) lands with indigenous native guides.

Hiloha also utilizes sound healing and weaving with spirit instrumentation (flute, shakers etc) and song, sharing indigenous stories, songs, coded tones, wisdom and knowledge, and sings the song of existence in every heartfelt connection with the land.

Hiloha is aligned with his traditional indigenous practices, Spirit ways, the Mayan calendar, connection with a vast range of non-human relatives, and the three sisters (corn, beans, and squash). He’s a strong supporter of land rights and indigenous expression, raising awareness of worldwide tribes and their sacred wisdom in this modern world. He helps to bring out wisdom together with other international elders from other countries to unity. He also works with young people to help them connect with their higher heart wisdom and help understand their role in care taking of the land and realizing their full creative and humanistic potential.

Currently based in Sedona AZ, he is actively traveling throughout Turtle Island (North America) and worldwide to share his wisdom, artwork and messages to others.

“I am ever searching for a better way to be. Our people originally came from tribes — we had circular ceremonies that regenerated love and helped focus on your heart more than the head. I’m here to help whatever needs to happen to bring the circle back and raise conscious awareness and action for the planet and all humanity. I carry the teachings of what my elders told me of how people will be looking to return to connections of the center and the impact of the most healing energy there is which is the connection to the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth). It is the day between and my water is sweet, my corn is sustaining. Hashi (sun) is blessing and Okla (people) are peaceful, it is a good day to live or die. Water is life. Talk to your water.  Yokoke (thank you) Relatives.”

– Hiloha Homa (Red Thunder)